Zoom Opera Gala for an online party!

22 February, 2021

Host a Zoom Opera Gala!

In these times of lockdown and restrictions we have come up with an alternative Zoom Party with the surprise element of opera!  We can create a bespoke Zoom Opera to present to you and your guests at an Online Opera Gala that you will remember for ever.  

Contact us now to discuss how a Zoom Opera Gala could enhance your forthcoming party and include guests from all over the world at the same event!

We recently did a birthday party for guests in London, Surrey, Hampshire and Israel!


What a truly super occasion!  We all loved it so much. And, as usual, you were an incomparable master of ceremonies. She will have this memento forever and will, I am sure cherish it and will be able to show it to her singing teacher and fellow choir members.

I cannot thank you enough for the excellent performance combined with your presence in person and the entertaining commentary which made it all so special and memorable. The guest of honour really loved it and it was a joy to see the  surprised expression on her face when you entered and then the sheer pleasure as she enjoyed the event.  It was everything we had hoped it would be and more!